Our mission

is to make bilingualism a

vibrant part of every child's life!

Our story

Eight years ago, when Lelu Founder and CEO, Ana Leyva, became a mom, she realized she’d have to get really creative and work really hard if she wanted her kids to grow up as thriving bilinguals in the US. 

“My husband and I knew that bilingualism was a must for our kids. We were living in LA and shocked that even there we couldn’t find the resources to support our bilingualism. The books and tools lacked depth and range of language, and so we started creating our own tools to support our bilingual home - we wrote our own books, created our own at-home aides and other families started asking us for support and guidance. That was really the beginning of Lelu. I realized this problem extended far beyond our home as American parents are increasingly seeing the enormous benefits of bilingualism.” 

What happened next?

This pivotal realization led Ana to pursue master’s degrees at Stanford Graduate School of Education and Stanford Graduate school of Business, and Lelu was officially founded at Stanford in 2019!

Founded at Stanford University

Take a look at our founder's LOWkeynote at the Graduate School of Business

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Our language ideologies

We have intentionally designed our programs to incorporate the best language acquisition practices according to research.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math content exposes kids to a depth of language through subjects that they're already interested in.

Immersive & Hands-on

The best way to acquire a language is to live it. Experience hands-on programs driven by kids’ natural curiosities that make the language come to life!

Thematic Learning

A new theme every month, allowing your family to dive deep into topics kids love and create special memories for the best language retention. 

Daily Practice

Language learning requires consistent exposure and practice. Lelu provides daily opportunities for long-lasting and meaningful language immersion.