Empowering Kids to Live Bilingualism Out Loud

With Lelu, kids learn Spanish the way that comes most natural to them - through hands-on play and exploration!

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Lelu Connect 1-on-1

Your child can improve their Spanish speaking skills in a 1-on-1 personalized virtual setting with one of Lelu’s native-Spanish-speaking Maestras! These 30-min weekly online tutoring sessions are an opportunity for kids to practice their español en vivo while learning about our monthly STEAM theme through conversation and games.

This is 1-on-1 time where your Maestra will cater to your child's needs and interests for a truly personalized experience! The first session is a diagnostic session to match the following sessions to your child's age and level of Spanish.

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math content exposes kids to a depth of language through subjects that they're already interested in.

Immersive & Hands-on

The best way to acquire a language is to live it. Experience hands-on programs driven by kids’ natural curiosities that make the language come to life!

Thematic Learning

With a new theme every month, your family can dive deep into topics kids love and create special memories for the best language retention. 


Language learning requires consistent exposure and practice. Lelu provides multiple opportunities per month for long-lasting and meaningful language immersion.

1-on-1 classes, bilingual games and other resources that fit right into your day-to-day life, making raising bilingual kids achievable for more families every day!

Hands-on Approach

Kids naturally learn language through play and discovery. With Lelu, kids learn by following their natural curiosities and exploring language with all five senses!

Emphasizing STEAM

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math provide a dynamic and meaningful lens for kids to experience language through.

Language Confidence

Learn-through-play games and resources create a welcoming setting for kids to face challenges and try new things, giving them the needed space to build confidence in their Spanish.

Proud to Be Bilingual

With Lelu, learning Spanish means playing, laughing and celebrating bilingualism. It means your child forming core memories around Spanish and feeling proud to be bilingual!

Languages require outside-of-the-box learning practices.

For kids, language is a tool they use to explore, ask questions and problem solve. Lelu taps into their natural instincts with irresistibly fun games and activities, where Spanish becomes their key to unlocking the world around them.

Play games, learn Spanish

These timeless family games are the perfect tools for kids to learn and build confidence in Spanish

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Lotería Cuerpo Humano (Human Body Bingo in Spanish)

Lotería Cuerpo Humano (Human Body Bingo in Spanish)


Caras y gestos: Superhéroes

Caras y gestos: Superhéroes


Rompecabezas: El Clima Extremo

Rompecabezas: El Clima Extremo

Extreme Weather Puzzle


Dentro del océano

Dentro del océano


"Neurons that fire together, wire together"

- Donald Hebb

Neuroscience tells us that "neurons that fire together, wire together," meaning that when kids are playing games, building hands-on projects, or diving deep into STEAM subjects - all in Spanish - the different neurons lighting up in their brains start to connect. It means they'll associate Spanish with those fun, curiosity-inspiring experiences.

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FAQs about Lelu

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, all wonderful subjects that kids are endlessly curious about! You may have heard of STEM before - in recent years it's been updated to include Art. This is in recognition of the importance of the arts in education, both as they connect to the other components of STEAM, as well as on their own!

Many of our games can be played and enjoyed by a wide range of ages! You can check the individual product descriptions for their specific age recommendations.

Our Connect 1-on-1 classes and STEAM kits are designed for elementary school aged children (6-10 years old), so the content and themes are best suited for this age group. Of course, younger kids can greatly benefit from the content, but they usually require more parent support. Many families with older children also benefit and enjoy the content, as it has loads of depth and there is always an opportunity for everyone to learn mucho!

Please also note that our Connect 1-on-1 Maestras will target content toward your child's specific age, language level, interests and needs!

What sets Lelu apart is that we weave Spanish into your child’s world as they explore the language through STEAM and play.

There is a serious lack of resources for parents seeking to teach their kids Spanish. Lelu offers a diverse range of endlessly fun games and other rich bilingual resources that parents can use to build up a bilingual toolkit.

Absolutely! Lelu is designed for kids to learn Spanish organically with content that explores a range of fascinating topics. Neurologically, they're forming new connections and further building upon their language skills each time they engage with the content. Therefore, even fluent speakers can broaden their depth of the language with Lelu!