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Kit-based subscriptions

Lelu Max

Are you looking to add depth to your Spanish? Lelu Max provides a complete, hands-on, and fun experience to live your bilingualism to its fullest!

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Lelu Lite

Want a bite-sized taste of Spanish + STEAM? Lelu Lite is the way to keep your bilingualism alive on your own schedule!

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Which kit is right for me?

Features Lelu Max Lelu Lite
Materials + instructions for... 2-3 Mega Proyectos (core activities) 1 Mega Proyecto
Bilingual Vocabulary list
Family card or board game Optional as an add-on
Personalized item + progress trackers No
Live Builder Sessions (+ extra community events)
Access to Lelu Digital Portal No
Timing Programs start at the beginning of the month At your own pace
Pairs well with Lelu Connect 1-on-1 classes Best (purchased separately) Yes (purchased separately)

Class-based subscriptions

Lelu Connect 1-on-1

Get personalized tutoring to improve your Spanish speaking skills in a 1-on-1 virtual setting with Lelu’s native Spanish speaking Maestras! These weekly online 30-min tutoring sessions are an opportunity to practice your español en vivo while learning about our monthly STEAM theme through conversation and games.

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Mandarin + STEAM coming in 2023!!

Lelu Max's Mandarin + STEAM program is designed to support US families in raising bilingual kids using our research-backed approach!

Join the waitlist to be the first to sign up for our Mandarin + STEAM Lelu Max program. Enrollment will be available only to families on the waitlist on a first come first serve basis with limited space. 不要错过!

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Check out some of our fun themes!

Septiembre - Cartografía

Learn all about mapas from a STEAM lens, ¡en español!

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Octubre - La visión

Learn all about los ojos and la visión from a STEAM lens, ¡en español! Sign up by Sep 20th to get Lelu Max.

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Noviembre - Coming soon!

Stay tuned for our next theme. We will be announcing it soon on social media!

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Thriving bilingualism is here

We have intentionally designed our programs to incorporate the best language acquisition practices according to research.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math content exposes kids to a depth of language through subjects that they're already interested in.

Immersive & Hands-on

The best way to acquire a language is to live it. Experience hands-on programs driven by kids’ natural curiosities that make the language come to life!

Thematic Learning

With a new theme every month, your family can dive deep into topics kids love and create special memories for the best language retention. 

Daily Practice

Language learning requires consistent exposure and practice. Lelu provides daily opportunities for long-lasting and meaningful language immersion.

As seen on Univision's Despierta América!

FAQs about Lelu

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, all wonderful subjects that kids are endlessly curious about!

Our program is designed for elementary school aged children (6-10 years old), so our projects and themes are best suited for this age group. Of course, younger kids can greatly benefit from the content, but they do need more parent support for the projects. We have many families with older children, too, as the content has loads of depth and there is always an opportunity for everyone to learn mucho!

Our Lelu Max and Lelu Connect 1-on-1 programs typically begin the first week of the month. There are limited spots available, and we can sell out, so don't wait to sign up. The best time to sign up is by the 20th of each month for inclusion in the following month. For example, sign up by July 20th to join us for our August theme’s programs. 

Sign up for our Lelu Lite kit anytime, as it is sent all throughout the month! For example, if you sign up anytime during July, you will receive our July theme’s kit.

Lelu is so much more than your standard Spanish curricula/class—it’s a full Spanish program. Our Lelu Max kit and digital portal immerse you in a fun STEAM theme in Spanish for the entire month. In the kit, you’ll receive all you need to do 2-3 Spanish + STEAM Mega Proyectos (core projects) related to that theme and other daily activities/proyectos that extend the learning from the 2-3 Mega Proyectos. Each Mega Proyecto is accompanied with instruction videos via our digital portal!

Lelu Max also consists of live virtual events, including Builder Sessions, an opportunity for your kids to participate in weekly 1-hour long Zoom sessions where we build the Mega Proyectos juntos, en español! This is a fantastic opportunity to engage with the community and have kids engage in the proyectos while they see other children like them using Spanish.

With the Lelu Connect 1-on-1 tutoring, every week your kids will have a 30-minute Zoom class with a native Spanish speaker. This special time provides your kids individualized attention and support.

Our Lelu Lite kit is perfect for bilingual families who want to enrich their child’s Spanish + STEAM education but don’t have a lot of time. You can do your Lelu Lite Mega Proyecto on your own schedule!

Regardless of your plan type, Lelu is an amazing program with many touch points that make Spanish come alive for your family!

There are different levels of time commitment based on the program. 

Lelu Lite: Low time commitment. This is the best way to make sure to keep your Spanish alive despite a busy schedule!  (~30-40 min per month)

Lelu Connect 1-on-1: Medium time commitment. Four 30-min personalized Spanish tutoring sessions each week via Zoom. (2h per month)

Lelu Max: High time commitment. Spanish + STEAM kit with at least 75 mins worth of activities for each week + access to 2-3 distinct hour long Builder Sessions per month. 

For the most complete experience, you can combine Lelu Max and Lelu Connect 1-on-1. That adds up to ~ 150 minutes of Spanish per week or 10 hours of Spanish per month!!! Our programs are set up intentionally as research shows us that to acquire a language you need to:

1) find a use for it in your life (starts with the kits),

2) use it with someone (the tutor and with peers)

3) enjoy it (all of the above)!

Bilingualism is a gift for life, and we are passionate about helping your kids start or enrich their bilingualism journey in the best ways!

You know this answer better than we do! Our boxes are certainly designed to drive family engagement with the language so, with parent help, most of the activities will have various access points for kids at different levels or ages. That said, if there is a big age difference between your children, or if they tend to prefer doing things independently, we recommend signing them up separately or adding a sibling pack. 

Tutoring can definitely be done with multiple siblings, but we recommend keeping the sessions to 3 kids or less.

Yes! Each month will be organized around a fun and engaging Spanish + STEAM theme. Thematic learning allows families to dive deep into topics kids love and create special memories for the best language retention. 

Examples of themes include:

• Expedición Polar | Polar Expedition

• El Idioma de las Computadoras | The Language of Computers

• ¡Seamos Arquitectos! | Let's be Architects!

Absolutely! There is always more to learn when it comes to languages. No matter their starting point, we're confident your child will learn A LOT with Lelu!

No, only immediate family members may share a registration. If you are in a pod, each family in the pod must register independently.

For Lelu Max and Lelu Connect 1-on-1 programs, the 20th day of each month is the initial subscription deadline, and your subscription will renew and be billed on the 15th day of the month for subsequent billing cycles. For example, if you sign up for a monthly program on 7/08/22, you will be billed that same day and receive your first Lelu Max kit or Lelu Connect 1-on-1 tutoring session in August, and your subscription will renew and be billed on 8/15/22. If you sign up for a monthly program on 7/22/22, you will be billed that same day and receive your first Lelu Max kit or Lelu Connect 1-on-1 tutoring session in September, and your subscription will renew and be billed on 9/15/22. Quarterly and Annual programs also bill on the 15th of the month, but in their respective frequencies.


For Lelu Lite kits, you may sign up at any time during the month to join for that month’s theme, and your billing date will remain the same for subsequent months. For example, if you sign up for Lelu Lite on 7/08/22, then you will receive your first Lelu Lite kit 2-8 business days later, and your subscription will renew and be billed on 8/08/22 and on the 8th day of each month thereafter.

Yes. You may skip a month or swap to another program from your Shopify account or by emailing

You may cancel your Monthly subscription at any time from your Shopify account or by emailing For Quarterly and Annual subscribers, you may cancel forward at any time by emailing to avoid any further charges, but the amount paid upfront for your current period cannot be refunded.

Try some of our DIY proyectos at home

Crea tus propios animales de fantasía

By Team Lelu on May 18, 2022

Construye animales de cartón

By Team Lelu on May 18, 2022

El historial migratorio familiar

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