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your bilingualism

What you get each month:

What's inside the box?

3 Mega proyects

All the materials necessary for 3 hands-on STEAM proyects with written step-by-step instructions in Spanish and English.

Timeless bilingual game

A card or board game that your family will enjoy time and time again!

Program manual

A guide through the month's adventures including STEAM concepts explanations, providing depth to the activities and rich cultural content.

Vocabulary sheet

New words related to the theme, including a section of STEAM words and a section of longer phrases.

Personalized mystery item

An object related to the theme's month, personalized with your child/children's names.


A companion specific to the month's theme that will accompany parents and children in their learning.

Monthly calendar

Daily suggestions of projects, videos, songs, or other ways to continuously immerse in the language.

Rich resources at your fingertips:

Instructional Videos

Fun original Lelu videos in Spanish that support the Mega Proyectos and the game.

Songs and Videos

Age-appropriate material to further explore the monthly theme with fun conversation starters.


Access to additional STEAM projects with step-by-step instructions and a list of materials in Spanish and English.

Personal tutoring

Estrellas and Galaxias only: 30 min weekly 1-1 zoom classes with tutor for individualized attention and support.

Community meetings

Galaxias only: 30 min weekly community meeting in Spanish with peers via Zoom.

Vocabulary audio guide

Accompanies vocabulary sheets to practice and improve pronunciation.

Choose your plan

Satélites (Digital Experience)

A digital-only intro to Spanish + STEAM learning! This plan offers a 100% app-based library of rich content including songs, videos, STEAM projects and their related STEAM concepts.

Cohetes (Box)

Blast off! Ready to launch into a STEAM + Spanish adventure? Cohetes is great for families who are looking for fun, hands-on curricula to add depth to their Spanish.

Estrellas (Box + Live Tutoring)

Enhance your experience with 1-1 support! The Estrellas plan includes everything in the Cohetes plan, plus weekly 1-1 tutoring with native speakers!


This octubre our theme will be:
¡Es magia! | It's magic!

Enroll now!


This septiembre our theme is:
¡Seamos veterinarios! | Let's be veterinarians!

Plan Comparison

Features Satélites Cohetes Estrellas Galaxias
Digital Resources Library
3 Core STEAM Activities
Monthly Family Board or Card Game
Vocabulary List with Pronunciations
Personalized Item for Students
Monthly Themed Mascot
Monthly Calendar
Short Activities
Access to Special Live Events
Weekly 1-1 Live Zoom Tutoring Sessions
Weekly Community Meetings in Spanish

What are parents saying about Lelu?

Parent in Montebello, CA

with kids age 5 and 7

“As a teacher, I’m usually very hard to please because of the high standard I have for programs like this, but you have left me amazed! I feel like you went into my brain and thought it all out and designed the program of my dreams!

We’ve devoted Tuesday and Thursday as science days in our home and, thanks to Lelu, those days are everyone’s favorite!! Everything is amazing--the calendar, the organization of the activities, the vocabulary that you’re using… we’ve all learned so much!

You have really blown us away!”

Mom in LA

with kid age 5

“Love that there is a mix of lots of different activities!The game is high quality--- the game justifies the price of everything on its own.”

Mom from CA

with kid age 7

"The booklet has so much good content.

We love the 1-1, his teacher is doing an amazing job, especially with the games.

We love watching the videos. We watch them in Spanish, and then in English."

Parent in Monterrey, CA

with kids ages 6 and 9

"Lelu is way better than online learning because it includes tactile objects that are connected to the individualized Spanish learning needs of our bilingual school-aged children!"

Mom from CA

with kid age 5

"The booklets are very thorough, which is fantastic. It’s nice because it lets her pick and choose.

We love the games because we can keep using them, especially for the language development."

Parent in Los Angeles, CA

with kids ages 3, 8, and 10

"Wow! This is amazing!! No other program engages my kids' Spanish in this way. Their Spanish has improved so much with this STEAM-based stimulation. We love Lelu!!!"

Parent in Oakland, CA

with kid age 5

"I meant to tell you that on Wed [my son] was all excited for class and when I explained it was once a week he was so sad! He is clearly loving it. And the story die have been great for him to practice speaking, which is a main goal for us. So, thank you!" 

Parent in Sunnyvale, CA

with kids ages 6, 8, and 10

"I’m very impressed with how you’ve gotten [my daughter] to engage in Spanish. She has had a very hard time with distance learning but is loving Lelu!"

Parent in South San Francisco, CA

with kids ages 3 and 14 months

"My son is finally really getting Spanish! I'm so happy!"

Parent in Wisconsin

with kid age 5

“The materials and teachers are amazing. Teachers are really engaged and fun! Everything has been really, really great! We’re definitely signing up again!”

Parent in Durham, NC

with kid age 7

“STEAM and Spanish? Yes, please! I love how this is hands-on language learning. This program incorporates everything. And the materials are amazing"

Mom in Monterrey, CA

with kids ages 6 and 9

“Finally, a program that is at the Spanish level that my kids need!”

Parent in Castro Valley

with kid age 5

“These materials are so well done! The quality is amazing!”

Frequently asked questions

What ages is this for?

Our programming will be best suited for kids aged 3-11. We tailor the contents and tutoring to age and language level. 

Which plan is right for me?

Our Cohetes plan is great for families who are looking for curricula to add more depth to their study of Spanish at home.

Our Estrellas plan is our most popular and will be the ideal choice for most families. This plan offers comprehensive and convenient language exposure and support. 

Our Galaxias plan is a great fit for families who want maximum exposure and language immersion and who have the time and flexibility in their schedules for the group classes. 

Our Satélites plan is perfect for families who want a digital-only introduction to thematic Spanish + STEAM learning!

When do the programs begin?

Our June programs begin on 6/3/2021. There are limited spots still available. Sign up today! 

Who are the tutors?

Our tutors are awesome, fun, passionate educators who love Spanish! With years of teaching experience, they provide personalized attention to your child during each tutoring session. The tutor will follow your child's lead to extend the learnings from the box and ask your child to tell them what they did and how they liked it, etc. to keep them using their Spanish!

My kid is fluent in Spanish. Is this for him/her?

Absolutely! There is always more to learn when it comes to languages, so we adjust our programming for kids at all levels. No matter their starting point, we're confident your child will learn A LOT with Lelu!

Can my kids share a box and do tutoring together?

You know this answer better than we do! Our boxes are certainly designed to drive family engagement with the language so, with parent help, most of the activities will have various access points for kids at different levels or ages. That said, if there is a big age difference between your children, or if they tend to prefer doing things independently, we recommend signing them up separately. 

Where can I send additional questions?

Get in touch at