Caras y gestos: Superpoderes

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Caras y gestos: Superpoderes

Caras y gestos: Superpoderes

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There is more than one way to save the day! Get your fellow players to guess your superpoderes by acting them out. Have fun with this superheroes-themed game, ¡en español!


• Deck of 60 cards
• Plastic storage box
• Bilingual instructions (in Spanish and English)

3+ players, Ages 7+.
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How to Play

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Why play games?

Languages need to be lived, and in living them, they are acquired. What better way to acquire a language than playing in that language? Games create an environment in which communication is essential! The repetition of words through the game and the discussions around the rules and strategies increase memorization and confidence. Have fun playing and learning! 


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