Misconceptions and What Lelu Connect 1-on-1 is Really Like

Misconceptions and What Lelu Connect 1-on-1 is Really Like

Lelu Connect 1-on-1 is an Online Spanish Immersion program, but these classes are nothing like you or your kids are used to when it comes to language education.

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard from parents that our program surprised them and was different than what they imagined. That’s only natural because of our fresh and unique approach to language learning! 

In order to give you a better picture of what the program’s actually like, we’ll clear up a few misconceptions:

Your child won’t be “taught at” by their Maestra 

When you imagine Spanish “classes” or “tutoring sessions”, it’s normal to imagine that your child will be put in a passive role - listening to their Maestra teach and following directions. On the flipside, it couldn’t be any different! 

Languages are about communication, which is a two-way street. As such, so is Lelu Connect 1-on-1! 

Your child and their Maestra will explore topics alongside each other and engage in conversations together. While your child’s maestra will act as a guide, they’ll follow your child’s lead on what they want to talk about and what they find most engaging. Connect 1-on-1 is all about having a collaborative, interactive, and immersive experience with a native speaker.

In their sessions, your child won’t be learning about Spanish grammar and verb conjugations

Lelu Connect 1-on-1 is about learning Spanish, but not by learning about the language itself. Instead, the program is built around STEAM topics that spark kids’ curiosity and light up their brains! 

We learn languages so that we can communicate and understand thoughts and ideas, and so that we can learn about the world around us. Our Maestras choose themes and content that kids are excited about learning and talking about, so that your child can organically engage in using the language. That also means that as they form connections in their brains on the STEAM topics they’re learning about, Spanish will be a part of those connections too! 

The theme changes monthly to keep the content fresh, while also giving enough time for the kids to practice and meaningfully absorb the new language they're working with.

No practice fill-in-the-blank sentences or memorization here!

Along the same lines as not learning about the Spanish language itself, your child’s sessions won’t be spent filling in practice sentences with correct verb conjugations. And while they will get a monthly vocab sheet to have as a reference of helpful words related to the theme, they won’t be asked to memorize them or even to use them unless it comes up naturally. 

When teaching language is broken down this way - like a math problem - it loses the purpose of language itself. 

For humans, language is a tool. When we want to communicate, we can do that through language. Kids don’t get much out of practicing with fill-in-the-blank sentences because that communication element is lacking. 

When it comes to using language meaningfully, it’s important that kids are learning and practicing how to use language as the communication tool that it is. 

Why do we do it this way? 

At its core, this program is about kids learning Spanish organically through immersion. Our approach is different because so much of what’s readily available goes against how our kids’ brains are designed to learn languages! 

Lelu Connect 1-on-1 is structured around creating an environment where kids are able to and want to engage in using Spanish. Topics they can relate to, fun conversations and games, and - most importantly - a bubbly passionate, and experienced conversation partner (their Maestra) all work together to inspire kids to utilize the language meaningfully to communicate. 

With Connect 1-on-1, your child plays an active role in their own language journey. They’re participating in actually using Spanish the way language is meant to be used - to communicate and understand thoughts and ideas, specifically those that they’re interested in and excited about! 

It brings us endless joy to know that we have made an impact on so many families who are seeing real changes in their kids’ relationships to Spanish and their bilingualism. 

We’ve given you a deeper look into the uniqueness of this program, but there’s nothing like actually getting to experience it. Click here to learn more about Lelu Connect 1-on-1 and see what a difference it can make for you and your child!

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