What are parents saying about Lelu? 

“As a teacher, I’m usually very hard to please because of the high standard I have for programs like this, but you have left me amazed! I feel like you went into my brain and thought it all out and designed the program of my dreams!

We’ve devoted Tuesday and Thursday as science days in our home and, thanks to Lelu, those days are everyone’s favorite!! Everything is amazing--the calendar, the organization of the activities, the vocabulary that you’re using… we’ve all learned so much!”

- Parent in Montebello, CA with 7 and 5 year old

“These materials are so well done! The quality is amazing!”

- Parent in Castro Valley with 5 year old

“Finally, a program that is at the Spanish level that my kids need!”

-Mom in Monterrey, CA with 6 and 9 year old

“STEAM and Spanish? Yes, please! I love how this is hands-on language learning. This program incorporates everything. And the materials are amazing"

-Parent in Durham, North Carolina with 7 year old

 “The materials and teachers are amazing. Teachers are really engaged and fun! Everything has been really, really great! We’re definitely signing up again!”

-Parent in Wisconsin with 5 year old 

"Wow! This is amazing!! No other program engages my kids' Spanish in this way. Their Spanish has improved so much with this STEAM-based stimulation. We love Lelu!!!"

- Parent in Los Angeles, CA with kids ages 3, 7, and 8

"I’m very impressed with how you’ve gotten [my daughter] to engage in Spanish. She has had a very hard time with distance learning but is loving Lelu!"

- Parent in Sunnyvale, CA with kids ages 6, 8, and 10

"I meant to tell you that on Wed [my son] was all excited for class and when I explained it was once a week he was so sad! He is clearly loving it. And the story die have been great for him to practice speaking, which is a main goal for us. So, thank you!" 

- Parent in Oakland, CA with child aged 5


"Lelu is way better than online learning because it includes tactile objects that are connected to the individualized Spanish learning needs of our bilingual school-aged children!"

- Parent in Monterrey, CA with kids ages 6 and 9


"My son is finally really getting Spanish! I'm so happy!"

- Parent in South San Francisco, CA with kids ages 3 and 14 months