Spanish Enrichment Program FAQs

Is this just a basic Spanish class?

Lelu is so much more than your standard Spanish class—it’s a full Spanish program. First, your kids will receive an activity box with a theme. For example, this summer one box was Ocean Exploration. In the box, you’ll receive all you need to do 5 core Spanish + STEAM activities and a calendar with daily activities that extend the learning from the 5 core activities. Then, every week your kids will have a class with their tutor 1-1. This special time provides your kids individualized attention and support. Finally, every week also includes a community class where kids share with each other all they’ve done and learned that week! It’s an amazing system with many touch points that make Spanish so fun for your kids!

What group class and tutoring times are available?

For 1-1 tutoring, we will have weekend and weekday availability (including afternoons, mornings, etc.). For the group classes, we will poll families to arrive at the most convenient time and will group families accordingly to stated availability and preferences.

What ages is this for?

Our programming will be best suited for kids aged 3-11. We tailor the contents and tutoring to age and language level. 

How does it work?

Our enrichment program is made up of 3 components that students will interact with weekly for 8 weeks (or 4 weeks, depending on the program you sign up for):

  1. Spanish + STEAM activity kit (with at least 75 mins worth of activities for each week, with many activities accompanied with online YouTube instructions at the appropriate Spanish level)
  2. 1-1 Spanish tutoring for 30 mins each week
  3. 30 min weekly community meeting in Spanish with peers
That adds up to at least 135 minutes of Spanish per week or 9 hours of Spanish per month! This program is set up intentionally as research shows us that to acquire a language you need to 1) find a use for it in your life (starts with the kits), 2) use it with someone (the tutor and with peers) and 3) you need to enjoy it (all of the above)! Bilingualism is a gift for life, and we are passionate about helping you kids start or enrich their bilingualism journey in the best ways! 


Who are the tutors? 

Our tutors are awesome, fun, passionate adults who love Spanish! With years of teaching experience, they provide personalized attention to your child during each tutoring session. The tutor will follow your child's lead to extend the learnings from the box and ask your child to tell them what they did and how they liked it, etc. to keep them using their Spanish!

Do my kids each need a box or can my kids share a box and do tutoring together?

You know this answer better than we do! Our boxes are certainly designed to drive family engagement with the language so, with parent help, most of the activities will have various access points for kids at different levels or ages. That said, if there is a big age difference between your children, or if they tend to prefer doing things independently, we recommend signing them up separately. 

Does the enrichment program have a theme?

Yes! Each month will be organized around a fun and engaging theme based on your child's age and language level. Examples of themes include:

  • Los Colores
  • Sembrar y Cultivar
  • Explorando El Oceáno
  • Explorando la Energía

What's in the Spanish + STEAM activity boxes?

You can expect 5 core activities in each box with 1-3 lessons/units per activity. All activities will be in the STEAM family and tailored for age and Spanish level. Additionally, you will receive a calendar with daily practice prompts that extend the learnings in each of the core activities. Here are some examples:

  • (E, M) Build a Catapult, launch Pom-Poms, then measure how far they flew!
  • (E, S) Craft a Ramp/Roller-coaster with the Lelu Box and Discover Potential and Kinetic Energy
  • (S, A) Plant Cilantro Kit 
  • (A, S) What's a Hypothesis/¿Qué es una hipótesis? poem to memorize
  • (E, S) Build 4 ecosystems by repurposing the Lelu Box
  • (E, S, T) Make your own at-home battery with coins! 
  • (S, M) Observation calendar and journal: Find Heat, Sound or Light Energy in your daily life!

How do the community classes work?

Each week we'll have a community-wide meeting to sing, play, share the projects we've been working on and engage with each other! Along with the box and tutoring, this community session is critical for your child to see the big-picture about how languages connect us! We’ll ask students to share their work (what did you build this week?) during the community meeting so the meeting is a perfect recurring motivation for kiddos to practice their Spanish skills every week!

How do I share details about my child's language level with you?

Once you register for our program, you'll receive a questionnaire to fill out so we can learn more about your child, their language exposure/experience, and send them an age- and level-appropriate box and match him or her a perfect tutor!

My kid is fluent in Spanish. Is this for him/her?

Absolutely!  There is always more to learn when it comes to languages, so we adjust our programming for kids at all levels. No matter their starting point, we're confident your child will learn A LOT with Lelu!

Can a school pod share the box and tutoring?

No. We only allow immediate family members to share a registration. If you are in a pod, each family in the pod must register independently. 

Ready to register? 

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