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What does the Digital program include?

Hands-on projects, ¡En Español!

Step by step instructions in Spanish and English with list of materials easily found at home.

STEAM concepts + videos

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math concepts ¡en español!

Original Lelu song with live sing-along!

Don't miss this kid-favorite zoom event with the one and only Mateo! You can find the lyrics and music video to practice all month!

Vocabulary with Audio guide

Vocabulary list of words and phrases with audio guide for pronunciation.

Curated educationally enriching content para toda la familia!

With conversation prompts to encourage conversation in Spanish.


This diciembre our theme will be:
¡Sonidos de latinoamérica! | Sounds of Latin America!

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This noviembre our theme is:
¡Los vehículos! | Vehicles!

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Lelu Digital Monthly

Lelu Digital Monthly

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Lelu Digital Quarterly

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Lelu Digital Annually

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have an app for iOS? Android?

Our app is compatible with iOS, Android, and accessible on web browser.

How can I download the app?

1. Access: Click the link: on the device where you would like to install the app. If you are on iOS, make sure to open the link via Safari! If your phone automatically opens another browser, you might have to open Safari and manually type

2. Download: Click the share button on iOS (bottom center) or the three-dot menu button (top right) on Android. Then, select the "Add to Home Screen" option. (This will add the app to your device's home screen for easier access in the future. You only have to do this once!)

3. Login: Enter your email (this must be the same email you used to sign up for Lelu), then the pin you receive and enjoy access to all our digital resources at your fingertips!

Why does it tell me my email is not recognized?

Oh no! Make sure you are using the same email you used to sign up for Lelu! If that is still not working, email us at to make sure everything is set up correctly in the backend!

How do I add the app to my home screen?

If you can't see the Add to Home Screen button to download the app to your homescreen, check the browser that you are using. Sometimes, clicking on the link automatically opens the app in the wrong browser, depending on your phone settings.

If you are using iOS (iPad or iPhone) try Safari

Open Safari.Type on the search bar at the top. You should now be able to see the Add to Home Screen option when you click on the share button (bottom center).

If you are using Android try Chrome

Open Chrome.Type on the search bar at the top. You should now be able to see the Add to Home Screen option when you click on the three-dot menu button (top right).  

Where did last month's content go?

The app automatically updates itself with new content every month! If you want to access content from the past months you can go to My archives on your app's menu and click on the app you would like to access. Note: you will only see the content of the months you have been with us. 

What if you haven't answered my question?

If you are still having issues, please email us at and we will work with you to troubleshoot your specific situation. We don’t want anyone to miss out on all this amazing content!